Latest stockphotography newsfeeds and video

Here in the UK it’s a holiday week-end so in order to avoid email overload we’re not posting any articles today. This doesn’t mean there is no news on as we’ve added a number of features that we’d like you to check out.

News and Video

We’ve added newsfeeds for all the major stock photography sites and blogs. Just check out the pages and you will find the latest picture buying and selling news in seconds. We’ve also added a video page with all the latest video’s from our articles. Every Time we add a video to our YouTube channel you can watch it here on the site immediately.

Our services

We’ve added a whole new menu called services. This is where you can go beyond the articles and find out how Fast Media Group helps companies make informed decisions and be more effective through a number of resources. We’ve added our (soon to be relaunched) directory here, as well as which has been up and running for a few weeks now. You can register on stockphotodiscounts for free today and help picture buyers find you.

Our flat-fee recruitment service is the latest addition. You can save thousands of pounds by working with Fast Media Group to find you the best candidates for your business. You can also hire us for presentations, consultancy and interim management, we’ll keep you posted and add a new page with the details soon.

Finally you can find our advertising options here now. We’re looking for a few more sponsors and advertisers and would be happy to walk you through the options. We serve an audience of picture buyers and sellers including key-decision makers.


Our community is functioning in the background. You can join today and start informing visitors about your business. It’s early days and we’ve been launching it in the background. Start a group for your company or simply register in minutes and you can inform our visitors directly and daily.

For the rest of the week we’re back to posting the latest news and articles for picture buyers and sellers. From then end of the week we’ll be based in Los Angeles so if you’re there and would like to have a chat email and we’ll try to meet up.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses