Layar adds commercial augmented reality to phones

Layar, a company based in the Netherlands has created an application that puts a layer of commercial, augmented reality content on mobile phones. It has just announced it’s now available on more platforms. The application is used on 1.6 million mobile devices globally. Layar allows businesses to overlay product information on the mobile phone screen.

Layar has also introduced a payment platform that allows companies to create  products that can be shown on the screen while Layar takes care of all the backoffice work.

The Layar Payment Platform is setup to support multiple payment providers and

A number of companies have started to offer information, products and services through the application.


Berlitz City Guides: Berlitz helps people experience the city’s highlights: the best attractions, coziest restaurants, most comfortable hotels, coolest places to shop and most fashionable nightlife.

Mouse Reality for Disney World and Disneyland: Helps find and navigate all attractions, shows, shops, dinning, transportation, and more in Disneyland and Disney World.

EyeTour: Explore Puerto Rico’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage through exclusive video content of historical sites, museums, restaurants, parks and more.

UK sold prices: ‘Sold House Price Data 2010′ – Check the latest UK residential Sold Price information as recorded by the Land Registry while on the move.

Layar takes a 40% commission on all sales going through the platform. The remaining 60% goes to the publisher.


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