New record 45 Gigapixel picture of Dubai

The last time we saw a record-breaking gigapixel picture was some time ago. That time it was a panorama of Paris and 26 gigapixels. Now it’s Dubai and 45 gigapixels. You can check out the full specifications of the 45 gigapixel picture and the shot on the gigapan website. The detail and zoom-in is yet again amazing, even though the shot was hampered by the air quality. Here are the specs for the shot:

“4,250 individual shots taken with a Canon 7D and the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L zoom at 400mm. Total shooting time circa 3 hours 30 minutes, in 37C heat (that’s the temperature in the shade – the camera and lens were almost too hot to touch at the end of this).”

Enjoy looking at the buildingsite that is Dubai.

Picture: Stock Exchange | Pixel | Martin-Walls

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