Face.com helps you connect with people through image recognition

Face.com uses facial recognition software to recognise people from photos that are on the web. The company has just opened their platform for developers.

“Today face.com is proud to announce the opening of our platform APIs!After scanning billions of photos and tagging over 50 million users through Photo Tagger and Photo Finder, we’re moving ahead with our goal of making face recognition approachable and available to all. In this open alpha stage, we’re letting any developer tap into our face detection and face recognition tech through simple REST API calls. Whether you’re looking to build a cool photo tagging application, create personalized e-cards or campaigns, or any other sci-fi idea that comes to mind, we’re here to serve”

This video shows a phone app that let’s you take a picture of someone. The application then finds out who the person is and lists the social networks the person is in. You can then start to send messages immediately.



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