Nachofoto shows how search-results differ from Google and others

Nachofoto, the company that introduced itself in April 2010 has posted a case-study showcasing how its search results differ from other search engines. It uses a search for the term iPad and compares results. Nachofoto searchresults differ throughout the developments of the day, compared to static and generic search results on other sites.

A case study was performed to analyze the change in Nachofoto search results in real time and compare it to results from existing image search engines. ‘iPad’ still one of the hottest search term on web was picked for analysis. It was the 4th most popular term searched on internet on the day iPad was launched on 3rd April.

This keyword underwent a series of semantic change over a period of time. A nachofoto search for ‘iPad’ around 27th Jan displayed images of Steve Jobs announcing iPad. Similar search on 3rd April early morning displayed images of crowd queuing up for the iPad outside the Apple store.

A search for ‘iPad’ shortly after 9 am on 3rd April gave images of people checking out the new iPad at the Apple store. Around noon on same day, we could see pictures of people unboxing the new iPad. Search results of existing image search engines for this keyword, remained same over this entire period, missing all the developments that took place around iPad.













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