Capture releases greenlight feedback from first clients

Capture has released some feedback on its new Greenlight tool that it launched recently


Capture’s ‘Greenlight’ pre-flight utility has been winning acclaim from pleased users – and achieving its goal of streamlining workflows and saving time.

Jasmine Hartsook, Director of, said: “The Capture Greenlight image preflight utility has been one of the success stories for Blend Images in the ‘search to find small pieces of technology that make work-life simpler’ category. “This utility is easily adopted and tremendously helpful. The ability to quickly analyze image and metadata information has helped us to streamline our production and QC processes as an agency, and has also provided our photographers with a valuable tool to help them work more efficiently. Additionally, the capability for ongoing updates to Greenlight has allowed us the flexibility to change as our needs progress.

Chris Penn, Production Manager of The Travel Library, one of the UK’s leading independent sources of high quality travel images, said: “I can concentrate on composition and subject matter now, knowing that quality – including if there is caption information – has been checked by Greenlight. It can save me around 25% of my time. It’s peace of mind.”

Key features allow agencies using to tool to:

• Avoid problems before they occur by ensuring submitted images meet the agency’s technical requirements.

• Freely distribute Greenlight to their contributors — complete with agency branding.

• Globally update all deployed instances via the web whenever agency standards change.

• Analyze thousands of images within seconds.

This simple, cross-platform desktop application quickly analyzes image files for common errors

like wrong file format, images that are too large or too small, unwanted compression modes,

missing or incorrect colour profiles, wrong resolution, extraneous active or inactive layers or

channels, and many other parameters.

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