10 Changes at Fast Media Magazine

Today Fast Media Magazine has changed its appearance. I hope it’s not too much of a change and that you will be able to find news, opinions, guides and tips much more easily. With the changes I hope to make it easier for you to  find the content you need. At the same time the new layout will make the site more dynamic and flexible. Here are the changes:

  1. The page menu has moved to the right. Here you can find the pages you’ve been used to, although I did take a few out for clarity’s sake. Advertising options are now integrated in the about section and the directory and discount websites each have their own button which brings you straight to them.
  2. There is a secondary navbar with important categories. This allows you to click to the subjects you’re interested in and allows you to ignore the things that are not important to you.
  3. The searchbox has moved to the left and next to it is a drop down menu with all categories to make searching easier.
  4. If RSS feeds suit you better than the daily newsletter you can subscribe with the buttons on the right side.
  5. The sign-up for the free updates looks a bit different. You can now simply input your email address and click subscribe.
  6. The main box at the top of the page allows you to see the latest posts in each category with a single click.
  7. The top of the homepage contains the latest news posts. You can see more by clicking ‘read more posts from news’.
  8. On the bottom left you can see the columns of our contributors. All in one place. If you’re interested in reading the latest views by industry guru’s and experts this is the place to go.
  9. On the bottom right you will find guides that can help you make more informed decisions for your business. Over the coming weeks and months there will be a number of easy guides for picture buyers and sellers alike.
  10. The sidebar has changed a bit too but all the main functions, like popular posts, our newsletters, photography, video and the members of our community are still there.

You can still find the latest video’s on the video page and the full community functionality can be accessed via the menu bar or the top bar. The next step is a full upgrade of the directory so you can find companies even faster. I hope this structure will help you to find more useful information faster. From my side, as I will be working on a number of projects over the coming months, it will allow me to keep the site updated and interesting in the time that I have available.

Feel free to comment and give feedback and let me know if anything is not working as it should. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new layout.

Marco Oonk. Founder, Fast Media Magazine

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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