Nature Picture Library launches Wild Wonders of Europe

Nature Picture Library has finalised an ambitious project and is introducing this as the ‘Wild Wonders of Europe collection’.

More than 10,000 of the most spectacular images from this project are now available to search and download from our website and we also have a whole gallery section devoted to Wild Wonders of Europe, where you can explore this amazing project in more detail. Click here to see a selection of highlights – showing the dramatic biodiversity of European wildlife and environments.

European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) pair, male displaying, Pusztaszer, Hungary, May 2008: Varesvuo

Nature Picture Library is proud to represent the Wild Wonders of Europe. Through the power of great photography, Wild Wonders of Europe reveals the most spectacular, the most extraordinary and the most endangered wildlife, plants and habitats of Europe. Sixty eight of Europe’s finest nature photographers spent 14 months undertaking the world’s biggest nature photography project ever. Travelling to 48 European countries and completing 125 missions, they have documented the amazing biodiversity of this crowded continent and revealed its most magnificent hidden treasures, from the high Arctic to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic islands to the Russian plains. The Wild Wonders of Europe project is showcased in a book, published in 10 European languages, and a series of outdoor and indoor exhibitions will tour Europe, starting in The Hague in May 2010. Nature Picture Library is exclusive photo agency for Wild Wonders of Europe and more than 10,000 of the finest images from the project are available from our website. For further information about the project, visit

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