Picapp adds Reuters to blogging tool

Picapp, a plugin that allows bloggers to integrate images with their posts has added Reuters to the available imagery.


Picapp is all about enabling publishers to easily search and insert images into posts; we now have around 25 million images covering entertainment, sports, news, travel, fashion, medical, food, and more, with 12,000 images updated daily. In addition to our large end-user base Picapp’s corporate partners include among others Google, WordPress, BlogHer and Glam Media.

Few words from Eyal Gura, Picapp CEO: “Picapp is excited to enlarge its content offerings with Reuters premium content. In today’s environment images are no longer a “see but not touch” type of experience, online readers want to interact , get engaged with and “touch” images, Picapp is proud of its innovative approach which enables publishers not only with access to premium, legal and free images but also enables online readers to further connect with site content. We are happy to offer Reuters images as part of our novel application.”

The announcement today comes after the passing of the Digital Economy Bill in the UK. The bill reinforces the growing awareness to protecting copyrights by putting in place measures to reduce piracy. “Picapp has a lasting commitment to protecting copyrights. Our application which is the only one to credit the photographer , disable “right- click- and copy” and include image caption to maintain editorial integrity, is proven to be extremely attractive to blog networks and platforms wishing to ensure legal usage by their users thus avoiding the risk of copyrights violation”, said Niran Amir, VP of Business Development at Picapp.

Reuters with its image collection joins our other prestigious news and photo agencies including, among others, Getty Images, Corbis, Newscom, Fame Pictures, Admedia Photo, Zuma Press , Image Source and Pacific Coast News.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses