Alamy lowers minimum file size for contributors

Alamy has announced that it is lowering the minimum file size requirements for contributing photographers from 48 to 24MB. On the Alamy Blog the company points to the reasons for the change.

We are making the change for a number of reasons. It’s clear that for a lot of photographers it will simplify their work-flow by reducing the need to upsize. We’ve also looked at the requirements of our customers and looked at submission standards elsewhere. We believe that by setting the minimum level at 24MB we can offer an even more user friendly route to market for photographers without compromising on quality.

We are not relaxing our view on the suitability of certain cameras and our recommended camera list and our unsuitable camera list remain largely unchanged. Photographers who have a good spec camera will not have to upsize if they don’t want to. We see a large number of QC failures as a result of poor upsizing, this move gives photographers an opportunity to submit images at their native resolution or with minimal upsizing.

Alamy emphasises that it does not want photographers to downsize images and it still recommends the 48MB files

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