Dutch news agency acquired by V-Ventures

Dutch national news agency ANP has been acquired by V-Ventures


Ownership of the Netherlands national news agency Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP) is changing hands. In collaboration
with the present stockholders, NPM Capital, Gimv and management, V-Ventures has reached an agreement to take over all capital stock.

“This take-over is in line with V-Ventures’ ambitions,” says Managing Director Guido van Nispen. “It is V-Ventures’ mission to play a meaningful role in the Dutch media landscape. With the acquisition of ANP, we are giving our mission further substance. We are also taking this step in order to maintain quality and diversity in Dutch journalism and the Dutch media
landscape. This is not merely a 5 to 10 year project, but an investment for the long term. With our ambition to be innovative, our financial basis, and our in-house talent and infrastructure, we will be able to offer ANP a solid platform for the future.” ANP will continue as an independent subsidiary within V-Ventures.

The rapidly changing media landscape

According to V-Ventures, ANP is on the brink of a challenging future. Guido van Nispen: “The media landscape is changing rapidly due to the restructuring of advertising budgets, the move from analogue to digital and the development of novel news sources and distribution models. We believe that with its focus on pioneering, innovation and branding, ANP will be able to
maintain and further expand its leading position as independent creator, collector, quality controller and distributor of news and information in the Netherlands.”

Journalistic independence

According to ANP’s Managing Director Luc van Gompel, it is in ANP’s interest to team up with a stockholder who is in it for the long run and who can act as a strategic and innovative  partner. “Since 2004, ANP, under management of NPM Capital and Gimv, has successfully worked towards reinforcing the organization and improving its market position. With VVentures
as our new stockholder, we will be able to take the steps necessary to achieve our growth strategy. V-Ventures values our role in the Dutch media world and views ANP as the cornerstone in its group and the leading brand in its cross-media activities. That is the role
that we want to play.” Naturally V-Ventures and ANP support journalistic independence, quality and care in reporting, and service to ANP’s customers. The new stockholder has also guaranteed future innovations. Further financial details will not be disclosed.

About V-Ventures

V-Ventures is part of the Association Veronica and undertakes commercial activities in the Dutch media market under own brand names of its ventures. V-Ventures focuses mainly on cross-media developments and supports ambitious and promising pioneers in media. Amongst its present activities are: V-Academy, its own cross-media education institute and development lab for formats; Kink FM, the national radio station that, since 1995, broadcasts quality pop and rock music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; V-Medialab, that manages research activities, company projects and investments. In addition V-Ventures takes part in start-up media enterprises via the investment fund Dutch Creative Industry Fund (DCIF). In addition to V-Ventures, Sanoma Digital, Telegraaf Media Group and IDG Netherlands also participate in DCIF. Managing Director for V-Ventures is Guido van Nispen.

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