Alamy teases Getty Images with new searchtool

Alamy introduces quicker access to cutouts and teases Getty Images in the process.


Designers and picture buyers searching for stock photos on white backgrounds can now find them quickly with Alamy’s cut out filter. In response to demand from designers and picture buyers, Alamy has introduced a search filter to provide quick access to stock photos on white backgrounds.

“Images on white backgrounds are in high demand because they are so versatile. There are cut outs of literally everything on Alamy with almost 1 million to choose from, which is great news for the picture buyer,” says Alamy CEO, James West.

The filter is the latest addition to Alamy’s search tool which provides a one-click filter to show results by region, ethnicity, age and more. Alamy’s large Cut Out Collection consists of rights managed and royalty free images from hundreds of agencies and thousands of photographers.

“Not only is our search engine much faster than the competition, but now we are the only online stock photo agency offering quick access to cut outs. Who needs Getty?” added West.

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