Cepic conference partners with Barretstown charity

For the first time in the history of the CEPIC conference for stockphotography companies the organisation will pay tribute to- and support a charity. CEPIC president and Imagesource CEO Christina Vaughan explains why this year is different and why Barretstown is a great way to give back. And don’t forget to read the blog that you can link to at the end of this post.

“To me, getting together so many business leaders and company executives together in one place is too big an opportunity to not miss.

I am great believer in “Giving Back” and I think we are all incredibly priviliged to work in an industry we love, to do what we love doing and to be able to make money from that. Not every body gets the chance to grow up and live their dreams. Certainly, many of the children who go to Barretstown will never get the opportunity we have.  Barretstown also struck a chord with me because I think whenever you go anywhere in the world, it is always good to look around you and at what’s happening there

This is a local Dublin venue yet it has international appeal as it was founded by the US film star, Paul Newman and there are other sites across Europe. I thought it would appeal to the CEPIC audience because many of the projects Barretstown does involve creativity, photography and “capturing a moment”. Finally for me, who is not big on bureaucracy, it is very appealing in the direct way that any funds raised will be used without being wasted on red tape and administrators.

Finally, if you look at the site, you will see it is a genuinely good cause that makes a difference directly to children and families.  I really hope CEPIC Dublin can leave at least a small legacy behind for Barretstown beyond the business we do there and the social fun we will all enjoy.

Barretstown is a specially designed camp, providing a programme of adventure, activities and fun – backed by the medical world – which helps children with serious illness regain their confidence and self-esteem. Sarah Jarman at Barretstown points to this blogpost of one of the campers that she feels explains the essence of what a visit to Barretstown means for the children.

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