Platform for image distribution (THP) introduces video

 The company that runs the Technological Hosting Platform (THP), a platform that allows image libraries to outsource their image hosting and search is expanding its services to video.


Age fotostock, has announced the incorporation of video distribution to their line of products. The engine behind the distribution will be the THP, the software and hardware platform administered by age fotostock. The THP distribution model has established the THP as the fastest, most reliable and affordable platform for any company interested in rapidly gaining a presence on the Internet. The video footage will be redistributed to all THP Members just as the images have been distributed for years.

“While we don’t see video as a great demand in all our markets yet, we anticipate that soon, clients will be demanding it on a daily basis from their image suppliers. We want to be there when video becomes really popular. Furthermore, THP Members also want to be prepared for this product, frequently anticipated as the substitute of still images. Therefore, we have decided that the time has come to prepare a coordinated offer that will make the THPan attractive system for those that want to quickly become distributors of millions of images and video clips, in both RM and RF.” says Alfonso Gutiérrez, CEO of age fotostock.

Video distribution presents some inherent technical requirements for both storage and required bandwidth, which up till now had delayed the incorporation of video. IT technicians of age fotostocksaid it was a matter of developing the necessary software platform and tools to allow rapid upload of video, in the same way as with images, in a unified format and lossless codec, which makes the buying and downloading process a snap.

“We expect that our THP Members will see this new development as something that positions them to meet the demand for visual content, no matter the media, format or price. The system now offers millions of images in RM, RF and LBRF* and coming soon will offer a centralized subscription model, once the superior technological, software and hardware requirements for the development of video have been completed successfully.” says Teresa Alonso, Director of International Sales.

The video offer and web integration demo, will be presented to THP Members and all interested providers at the forthcoming CEPIC in Dublin.

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