Imagestate launches Addmovi video site

London based Imagestate is launching a new stockvideo website with 60.000 clips at launch. The site is called Addmovi.


Starting with 60,000 stock video clips and growing weekly the first collection we offer is royalty free and covers categories such as; Business, Nature, Medical, Sport, People, Lifestyle, Technology, Science, Travel.

In the coming months we shall be adding Rights Managed Reportage and History dating back to the 1940s. To complement both these collections we’ll also be adding Commercial music which most importantly is Pre Cleared.

The prices for the clips are:

Web S £13.99
Web M £29.99
PAL 16:9 £55.99
HD 720 £89.99
HD 1080 £114.99


Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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