Stockbyte founder introduces new direction: Stockdesign

Jerry Kennely, founder and CEO of Stockbyte, a royalty free stock photography company that was sold to Getty Images for $135 million in 2006 has introduced his new venture called Tweak at the 2010 Cepic conference.

In this video Jerry Kennely first explains why he sold the business when he did. He also explains his business philosophy, his management style and some of the other strategies and tactics that made Stockbyte successful.

Tweak is a tool that allows anyone to create designs on the basis of highly versatile and adjustable templates. The company has spent the last five years researching the styles that are used by various industries and has integrated this into their product. Tweak even integrates copy, written by professional copywriters. The idea was born out of a frustration with poor design and the need to help companies that can not afford professional, custom design. The site will launch with 1 million elements.

The first part of the video consists of Kennely’s views and lessons on business. The demonstration starts at 30 minutes and lasts for another 15 minutes. If you’re pressed for time at least check out a classic typo moment at 36 minutes…

While the video is 45 minutes long it’s well worth the watch with lots of insight for buyers and sellers of images as well as those interested in business insight. It’s also worth thinking about the concept of buying or selling images with added value. Do share your views on this in your comments. 

CEPIC: Jerry Kennelly: Secrets of His Dramatic Exit from REELDEALHD on Vimeo.

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