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Picture buyers can now purchase footage from the BBC “planet earth series” at Footagebank HD. The footage is shot by Helinet Aviation.



FootageBank HD, the sole footage company specializing in High Definition (HD) content, announced today that it now has available more than 100 hours of aerial HD footage filmed by Helinet Aviation Services for the BBC series “Planet Earth.”  Most of this footage was not included in the 11-part series and has never been viewed by the public.  To acquire these stunning visuals, the crew traveled to remote locations never before documented with an aerial camera.  Locations included the Arctic Circle, the Himalayas, African plains and deltas, the Indian Ocean, South American rainforests, the Boreal forests in Canada, the Great Barrier Reef and Giant Sequoias in California.

“’Planet Earth’ was a ground-breaking event in HD aerial cinematography,” said Alan Purwin, Helinet president. “Our partnership with FootageBank HD will allow the public to enjoy these remarkable images for years to come.”

Helinet’s pilots and cinematographers used the award-winning Cineflex (now General Dynamics) gyro-stabilized HD camera system to capture aerial footage for this series. Based in part on the success of “Planet Earth,” Cineflex has become the aerial HD camera system of choice in the production industry.  For “Planet Earth,” the system allowed for gathering images from long distances without disturbing the animals, while capturing behavior that had previously never been recorded.

“Having this spectacular footage available to our customers is very exciting,” said Paula Lumbard, founder and president, FootageBank HD.  “Aerial footage is our highest earning category of footage and this material is some of the best ever created. I am thrilled to be able to make it available to film makers and producers around the world.”

Starting with the “Planet Earth” collection, FootageBank is now offering 60-second edited shorts, complete with released music tracks of key beauty shots, allowing customers to receive numerous clips at a lower price point.

Other Helinet Aviation HD aerial footage available through FootageBank HD includes images of most of the major cities within the United States, major landmarks, national parks, industrial sites and stadiums. Helinet footage has appeared in dozens of television series, commercials, and feature films.

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