Pixolution makes finding images fun [demo]

Pixolution received a lot of attention at the 2010 CEPIC conference. The organic-looking flow of images on the screen drove a constant stream of people to the companies’ stand. This means not everyone got to see the live demo. We’ve asked the co-founder and CEO of Pixolution to prepare a demo for those that didn’t make it or couldn’t attend the conference. In this demo, that is prepared for visitors of Fast Media Magazine exclusively, Prof. Dr. Kai Barthel walks through all the main services in 3 minutes (yes, it was a challenge, there is a lot to go through). This video will give you an introduction and if you want to dig deeper you can do so on the Pixoluton website where a number of video’s and demo’s are viewable.

The mission of the Pixolution is: ‘to manage visual content visually’. The company sees its application with photo agencies, image search engines, photokiosk systems, online shops, online photo ordering, imaging software and corporations. Pixolution was founded in 2009 in Berlin, Germany and cooperates closely with the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin (Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft, HTW Berlin). The well known and successful image search engine and earlier versions of the ImageSorter were developed at the University.


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2 thoughts on “Pixolution makes finding images fun [demo]

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  • September 28, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Can this be done for app icons? This would be especially helpful for people having many apps! Liked the ease of use and different layouts. Especially the 3d sphere.
    Have a question about blank areas in views. They don’t bring up any pictures. Videos need a small indicator because if they start with a black background, you can’t tell if it is a video, a blank pic, or a blank spot. Blank pics should have a camera indicator too.
    Thanks for a great app!

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