Science Photo Library releases rap video

Here’s something you don’t see every day; Science Photo Library has issued a showreal, but instead of the regular background music they have chosen the talents of an Associate Lecturer/Rapper at the University of Glamorgan. Worth a watch.


The world’s leading specialist image agency, Science Photo Library (SPL)1, has released a rap video! Featuring SPL’s stunning video footage and the talents of Jonathan Chase2, an Associate Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of Glamorgan, “A Better View” follows the themes of ‘Knowing Space, Knowing Earth, Knowing Us’.

Science Photo Library ( launched its motion collection at the end of 2009 providing specialist footage to media organisations, publishers and agencies. Jonathan Chase has long made the complicated seem simple and has produced or performed his work for the BBC, NASA, The Royal Society and the Science Museum in London.

Alison Somerville, Science Photo Library’s Motion Content Editor, says: “We were excited to work with Jonathan as we are always on the lookout for new ways to popularise science and show our footage in a relevant and engaging way. Our footage has been used in many different ways, be it for tv adverts, documentaries or on websites but this is one of the most unique uses that I have been involved with.”

Jonathan Chase says: “I started my career as a Science Rapper mainly by coincidence. When I was growing up I used to DJ but when I started studying science, my lyrics just naturally evolved around the topic. One day I showed my professor a verse I’d done, and he thought it was good and showed a lady from NASA. She then asked me to do a rap for their Astrobiology magazine, and so now I continue to search out similar opportunities.”  

The video, “A Better View”, is available at no extra cost as part of Science Photo Library’s ‘Schools Subscription’ which allows teachers and children to use SPL’s image and video content. For the first time, Science Photo Library gives schools unlimited access to its collection for a minimal licensing fee.

Science Photo Library’s Managing Director Giancarlo Zuccotto says: “Being aware of the pressures many teachers face today with limited resources, we are delighted to offer schools a highly cost-effective way to access our vast and up-to-date imagery which covers most of the areas in the UK curriculum”.

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