Using new media in your business [Seminar]

The annual CEPIC stockphotography conference in Dublin was preceded this year by a day of seminars on the subject of new media. Photosecrets’ Beate Chelette invited me to co-present on the subject: How to Use New Media To Get Business and not just more fans, friends and followers. We talked about a tendency in the industry to look inward and not to the future and illustrated this with quotes from forums before exploring what stage of grief we’re in when it comes to dealing with change.

We then spend time on the many opportunities in that come with new media usage and applications. Beate addressed the need for businesse to ‘get over themselves’ and to stop seeing change as a threat.

The presentation is about 70 minutes long and lightly edited for time. We will replace this video with a summary in a few weeks time. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feedback and tips feel free to comment as always.

How To Use New Media To Get New Business for Photography Professionals from PhotoBizCoach Beate on Vimeo.

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