How to use imagerights to find your images in 3 minutes

I was first introduced to ImageRights a few months ago when co-founder Ted vanCleave talked me through their product. Besides the product introduction one thing that struck me was the way the company works in a truly connected way using modern technology. Not a single person at ImageRights is based in the same location, in fact even in the founding days Ted vanCleave and Joe Naylor only communicated via Skype. The full team met up face to face for the first time at the CEPIC 2010 conference where I filmed this short introduction. Maria Kessler introduces the company followed by a short demo. ImageRights helps businesses find unauthorized usage of copyrighted content on the web. The company describes itselfs like this:

ImageRights uses its industrial strength crawler technology to continuously scan business sites, blogs, news and media sites and more. We scan these sites night and day, every day of the year, so that you don’t have to. ImageRights indexes millions of new images that the crawler finds every month. We then use powerful image recognition technology to compare the images from these sites to your images in order to detect where they are being used. ImageRights will send you reports detailing the new matches found of your images. The reports display your original image, the use of that image (which might be altered) and the URL and ownership information for the website where it was found

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