Swype saves you time using email and text messages

Swype is a company that uses multitouch technology that we are now very familiar with on phones and the iPad in an innovative way. Instead of typing text messages and emails on a phone you Swype your fingers from letter to letter and the software does the rest, it recognises words, gives options and learns new words. Here are a couple of demo’s of the software that has received a lot of funding and attention in the past few months. Check out the comparison with the iPhone too, it’s the last video.

This is how Swype describes itself.

Swype’s patented technology provides a faster and more intuitive way to input text on touch-screens. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the keyboard, users can enter text at over 30 words per minute. Swype was developed by experts in computing and mobile phone text input technologies. Cliff Kushler, founder and CTO, is a co-inventor of the T9 text input software installed on over 4 billion mobile phones. Co-founder Randy Marsden, developed the on-screen keyboard software that has shipped on over 500 million copies of Microsoft Windows. For more information visit: www.swypeinc.com

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