123RF launches editorial microstock product

Hong Kong based microstock company 123RF.com has launched an editorial microstock collection. The company has been taking submissions from the beginning of 2010 and has now launched the product to its customers.


123RF.com, one of the world’s leading microstock photography supplier and distributor, has achieved another milestone by adding a comprehensive array of Editorial images to its vast online library. Publishing houses, book writers, journalists, bloggers and Editors of newsrooms, will find the collection of Editorial content at 123RF.com growing steadily as 123RF.com has implemented procedures to speedily review and approve its crowdsourced submissions of new Editorial content in under 24 working hours.

Stephanie Sitt, the Chief Executive Officer of 123RF Limited says that, “Most of the standard fare at 123RF.com are images that are meant for commercial use and can be licensed under a commercial Royalty-Free license. However, now with the launch of our Editorial collection, we are able to provide users with a larger and current image library that comprises photos from newsworthy events. Our collection also offers a diverse selection to existing and potential clients to find the perfect picture that complements their stories at affordable prices.”

“Our Editorial collection was introduced as part of our ongoing efforts to cater to the diverse requirements of our growing clientele base. We are in the process of opening up more markets where customers demand highly relevant news-related Editorial content from our growing community of photographers. In addition, this exciting new image collection enables photographers to seize the moment to “snap” and document newsworthy photo stories as the events unfold, and then monetize their photos speedily through our platform.” adds Sitt.

Sitt goes on to explain that Editorial images can be used in print or broadcast media with Editorial purposes such as news broadcasting or commentaries on the subject of the image, and to a lesser extent parody. Sitt also cautions that the non-model released and non-property released Editorial images will not be available for commercial, trade, promotional and advertising usages as additional rights and permissions may have to be secured for these purposes

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