Google news changes layout and adds options

Google is changing the way its aggregating and presenting news. The changes include design changes that aim to show more relevant news and highlight interesting stories. There area also more options to share with social media. Google news is controversial with publishers, especially Newscom chairman Rupert Murdoch who believes that Google is stealing the content and then making money selling advertising around it without giving anything back to the content creators. Google claims it’s sending traffic and readers back to the publishers’ websites.

The old version:






The new version:







The Google blog says:

The new heart of the homepage is something we call “News for you”: a stream of headlines automatically tailored to your interests. You can help us get it right by using the “Edit personalization” box to specify how much you’re interested in Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports or any subject you want to add (whether it’s the Supreme Court, the World Cup or synthetic biology). You can choose to view the stories by Section view or List view, and reveal more headlines by hovering over the headline with your mouse. We’ll remember your preferences each time you log in. If you don’t want customized Google News, hit “Reset personalization” to clear all personalization preferences. If you haven’t previously customized and would prefer not to, simply close the “Edit personalization” box. You can always go back and change it later.

Here’s a video about the changes:

The list of changes include:

  • Choosing which sources you want to see more or less often
  • Keyboard shortcuts (hit questionmark for them to pop-up)
  • Subjects that interest you and news of the day
  • Links to popular/trending topics
  • More prominent spotlight section
  • Local news and weather

The new page is rolling out now in the US and to the rest of the world over the coming months


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