Experience augmented reality right here

Junaio, a company that produces virtual reality applications has created a demo that allows you to experience it right from this blog. Just download the application and point it at the picture in this post and you’ll get a taster of what’s possible.


You and your readers can experience it live and directly from the article in your blog and magazine. By embedding the image below and by pointing the phone onto it – after downloading the updated version of junaio and opening the “Glue demo” channel – you will see a 3D animation coming out of your desktop!

How to try it out yourself: Live as of right now in the AppStore and the Android Marketplace is an updated version of junaio. In the app you can find the “junaio Glue” Channel either in the “New and Featured” category or in search results for “Glue” in the browser. Then, simply point your phone`s camera at the superhero guy you see above and a 3D model with interactions and animations will appear. Don´t forget to press on the model! BTW: kudos to the 3D artist Philipp Kratzer!

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