Publisha helps you publish on 4 platforms

We frequently highlight new companies that may help to make the life of businesses and people easier. Publisha is a such new company that helps magazine publishers to publish on 3 platforms at the same time. The company publishes the content on a website, as a tab on a facebook fanpage and as an iPhone application. The company is based in London. This is how the company describes itself:

Publisha is a new and comprehensive way to build your multi-platform online magazine business from one simple place. Be a pioneer publishing to the iPad, have an iPhone presence, create your own website (including mobile web) and have a revolutionary dedicated magazine tab within your Facebook fan page with all your polls, current and archived articles and other interactive content. This unique integrated system, with the ability to make money through ad campaigns, affiliates and subscriptions, allows you to manage and grow your readership across all platforms from your central Publisha Facebook interface.

The company has a number of modular products:

  • Publisha Web: You add content using a Publisha tool and the company will create a website
  • Publisha Facebook: The company creates a tab on your facebook fanpage with more functionality than a regular page 
  • Publisha will create a full website of your publication as a tab within your Facebook Fan page (including advertising, commenting, polling and sharing features), which goes beyond the popular Facebook fan page.
  • Publisha iPhone: A reconfigured layout and functionality specifically for the phone.
  • iPad: Similar to the iPhone.

For those not only buying or selling pictures this may be a quick way to create different access points to written content.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

2 thoughts on “Publisha helps you publish on 4 platforms

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  • July 13, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Why do I need an app to publish to an iPad when my iPad comes with something called a BROWSER??

    Why would I want to download an iPhone app (that crashes constantly) when sites like wordpress come with excellent mobile templates?

    Why would I want to publish content on a facebook tab when I can just link out, giving me control over my content and advertsing?

    I don’t think these people really understand the web properly..

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