A blog experiment to bring in more traffic…and customers

A blog experiment to bring in more traffic…and customers for my funny animal photos (this traffic photo is from rush hour traffic in Beijing).

A Blog For Funny Animal Pictures
In my never-ending quest to garner traffic, and clients, for my funny animal photos (and all the various imprinted merchandise, prints and so forth that go along with that work), I am undertaking an experiment. I have started a new blog oriented for people looking for the humorous animal and pet pictures I do for my “Animal Antics” collection. Unlike this photography blog, the entries are brief, only a couple of sentences to go with the pix , and the text is not about the photography business. The blog is simply an attempt to help people find what they are looking for.if they are searching for funny animal pictures.

Google, Indexing and Pet Lovers
I have noticed that Google indexes my blog very quickly, usually within minutes. With my web site it can take months for a page to be indexed. This new blog is an attempt to both speed up the process and more precisely target the audience of pet lovers and bored business people looking for humor and killing time on their computers.

Web Sites, Blogs, and Showcasing Photos

I don’t believe it is a good idea to spread your efforts over a number of sites and/or blogs, but in this case I want to keep the new effort separated from my existing web site and photo blog so that I can clearly see if the new blog, that simply showcases funny photos, will produce the desired results. Creating a blog is so ridiculously easy these days, what the heck!

Time, Top Traffic Sites and Web Success

Time is such an important ingredient in web (SEO) success that I am reasonably sure I won’t have much to report back soon (all of the top traffic sites that I have investigated have been around for quite a lengthy period of time). But when I do I will share that information here. Stay tuned.

John Lund  has been shooting professionally for over 30 years.  John was an early adopter of Photoshop, first using version 1.0 in 1990.  He began using digital capture in 1994.  John has been active in the stock photography world as a founding member of BLEND IMAGES, and long time contributor to Getty Images, Corbis, and, more recently SuperStock.

John has lectured on digital imaging and stock photography, has been a columnist for PICTURE and DIGITAL IMAGING magazines, and written ADOBE MASTER CLASS, PHOTOSHOP COMPOSITING WITH JOHN LUND.  John has been a frequent speaker at Photo Plus and other venues and has taught workshops at Palm Beach Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops.  His work can be seen at www.johnlund.com

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