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Ever wondered what Paul Melcher, author of the (in) famous ‘Thoughts of a Bohemian’ photography blog looks like? Here’s your chance. In this interview with he talks about the power of photography, new revenue streams (like allowing embedding of images on Picture Group where he is a Senior Vice President), the decline in prices of photography and the future of the industry.

Regular readers know that I publish Paul’s blog here on Fast Media. This is your chance to see a full interview covering a wide range of topics.

This business has too many Surveyors and not enough Bohemians”  Roger Therond , legendary photo man, once said to a good friend of mine, Eliane Laffont. This blog is about restoring the balance and letting the Bohemians talk.

Paul Melcher  has been named one of the “50 most influential individuals in American photography” by American Photo. He is currently senior vice president of the PictureGroup. He writes the Thoughts of a Bohemian blog

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