BP gets caught with another photoshopped image

After getting caught on manipulating a picture of the BP command center last week another picture has surfaced that has been Photoshopped by the oil company under fire. This time it’s  view from  a helicopter window to the disaster site. I have circled the most obvious changes. You can find out more on the site of the original discovery or a number of other sites that have posted about this. On the picture here you can clearly make out the control tower on the left, a water bottle on the roof, the landing deck on the bottom right and blurring of the boats in the distance. There are a number of other indicators like instruments saying the parking break is on, the doors are open and the altitude is very low. Finally, the pilot seems to be holding a pre-flight checklist…

BP has since admitted the photo was altered and has posted the original, which as it turns out does have a similar view but is clearly from the helicopter on a landing platform instead of in the air.

What do you think? Is his just sloppy Photoshop or does it undermine the credibility of a company already being attacked for lack of transparency?











Marco | Editor

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