Adobe shows how to create an interactive magazine

After seeing how Wired magazine created its popular iPad edition built with Indesign and a number of other applications, the maker of Photoshop, Adobe decided it was time to demonstrate the capabilities of Indesign in combinations with the new Digital Publishing Platform. This video is the result of that decision and shows how you can add media-rich content and interactivity to a magazine before distributing it to a variety of outlets (screens and devices).

Adobe says:

With the Digital Magazine Solution, publishers are able to retain the design fidelity of a print magazine aand add the interactivity of digital – captivating reader attention and creating an immersive content experience. Using the Adobe solution, designers and production teams can add interactivity like slideshows (multi-state objects) and video to magazine layouts using InDesign CS5. At present, adding advanced interactivity (like 360° image rotations, and image panning/zooming) requires the use of a separate AIR utility, the Interactive Overlay Creator. Over time, however, the functionality in the Interactive Overlay Creator will be integrated into future versions of InDesign

Marco | Editor

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