Monocle does not think print is dead

Monocle is a young print magazine that comes out 10 times a year. The Editor in Chief is Tyler Brule who previously built and sold Wallpaper* and the magazine reports on International affairs, business, culture and design. The magazine already branched out by introducing Monocle products through the website, magazine and even a few very small shops.

The company is now printing a summer newspaper in a limited edition, re-affirming its belief that the newspaper is not dead. This is what the team at Monocle says about it:

We’re launching a special summer newspaper edition of Monocle that will be on sale in all the best resorts, from the West Coast to the eastern Med (and the key airport hubs in between).

Packed with leisurely reads, great reportage and plans for the second half of the year, it will be your handsome companion from sun lounger to sun downers.

Monocle has already proven that strong content and design mixed with strong branding and an open mind can break traditional trends. This newspaper could be a great test and showcase for printed content. It may not be the paper that turns people away but the content that’s printed on it. At a first glance the pictures don’t look bad either…

The 68 page newspaper will come out  on the 29th of July

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