Panthermedia launches video competition

Microstock company Panthermedia launches a video competition that can win participants a number of prices until the 31st of October. Please note that by entering Panthermedia will get the licensing rights on your contribution, make sure you read the full terms and conditions at the bottom of the release.


The stock image market is “on the move”. All the latest DSLRs, mobile phones or compact cameras can shoot images AND video. Besides that, video plays a greater role in everydays entertainment and advertising.

That’s why we ask you to contribute videos instead of photos to our new Video-Competition. This time, the focus is not on selling these videos, but pure fun!

Being a stock agency and photocommunity, we are all fascinted by photography. That is why your video shall be based upon our passion. So take you mobile phone, camera or DSLR and start shooting videos about photography, e.g.:

  • Describe what you love about photography – or about PantherMedia
  • Record a shooting on video
  • A day in your photographic life (please, cut it down to seconds :-))
  • Digital editing of your photos – short tutorial
  • Fun – be creative
  • Introduce yourself
  • Interview between a friend and yourself
  • Slide-show of your best images
  • Tips and tricks
  • Jokes, funny movies or all other fun based on “moving images”
  • All other funny, informative, entertaining, interesting stuff you can think of. However, it should be based upon photography and/or PantherMedia.

Hence, our simple and easy theme of this competition is:

Moving images

We are going to upload the videos on our YouTube-Channel and will show the best ones on our blog as well. Present your video to the world and get as much feedback as possible.

You can upload the videos from now on until the 31st of October 2010.

There are no restrictions, except the usual legal stuff. So please do not use copyright-protected songs, images or objects. Apart from that: get creative!

1st prize: Software „Complete Collection“ from NIK Software valued at 300 Euro
2nd prize:Strobist diffusor-set for your flash from Enjoy your Camera valued at 280 Euro
3rd prize:Software „Silver Effex“ from NIK Software valued at 200 Euro
4th prize: R-strap-system with 2 bags from Enjoy your Camera valued at 130 Euro
5th prize: Software „Viveza2“ from Nik Software valued at 160 Euro
6th prize:Displayzoom for Video-DSLRs from Enjoy your Camera valued at 120 Euro
7th prize: Flash Yongnuo YN 460 II, slave-able from Enjoy your Camera valued at 90 Euro
8th to 14th prize: 70 Euro-Voucher from PosterUnionfor your photo on canvas, acryl glass, alu-dibond or poster.
15th prize: Photo-bean-bag from Enjoy your Camera valued at 30 Euro
16th to 22nd prize: Annual subscription of the magazine FotoHits; valued at 25 Euro each

And this is how it works:

If you are not a member of PantherMedia yet, please register here.

Please contribute your videos in the following way:

  • Set-up a FTP account with following access data:
  1. Host:
  2. User: pmuser
  3. Passwort: panthermedia
  • Please rename your video with your usernumber. In case you upload more than one video, please add an underscore plus a consecutive number, e.g. 12345_1.flv
  • Please upload your video to the FTP account. Don’t worry, nobody can download or delete your video. It is restricted by the system.
  • Plesae write an email to with your userID and we do the rest.

Upload ends on the 31st of October 2010  at 23:59 p.m.

Please note for the videos:

  • If the videos infringe any copyright, our community or other rules, we will not put them online.
  • Every contributor may upload multiple videos, but can only win with one video.
  • Please reduce the file size of the videos and only upload in the DivX, FLV or mpeg-4 fotmat.
  • We recommend 1920 x 1080 (1080p) oder 1280 x 720. Smalles ones are also possible.
  • Plese reduce the length of the video to a maximum of two minutes.

How to win:

Everybody can rate your video on our YouTube-Channel until the 31st of October 2010 by viewing the video and/or pushing the “like” button below the video. Every click counts one point, every “like” counts five points. All viewers rate the best 30 videos.The video with the highest “points per day” ratio wins. If two videos share the same “points per day” ratio, the one with the most absolute points wins.

Terms & conditions

By uploading your video, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  • You warrant that you are entitled to grant all rights of use under this video competition. You also represent and warrant that the contents do not infringe any copyrights, trademark rights, the right to privacy, publicity rights or other third party rights, or insult third parties or bring third parties into disrepute. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold PantherMedia harmless against all disputes resolving out of your contribution. This includes the images, video and audio in the uploaded file.
  • You transfer to PantherMedia all non-exclusive rights of use, unrestricted as to time and place, with respect to your contribution, especially for the online use on PantherMedia (web/blog), on the  PantherMedia youtube-channel(you agree that we upload this video on youtube accepting the terms&conditions of youtube), public relation campaigns, marketing by partners in connection with the video competition (print, online, TV, etc.) . Apart from that, all copyright remain with you/the designer.
  • All information regarding the information sent to PantherMedia, including the contact details, may be published on the websites of PantherMedia (websites/blog)
  • PantherMedia is entitled to disquality single contributors, if justified reasons are given (e.g. copyright infringement, manipulation of the jury). PantherMedia may claim back the prizes.
  • The winners hereby confirm that PantherMedia and its (public relation) partners are entitled to publish the names of the winners.
  • You must be at least 18 years to contribute.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.

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