A new way to support your favourite blogs

Kachingle is one of two companies that are trying to introduce micropayments as a way for readers to support blogs. I’m testing it right here on Fast Media Magazine.

Kachingle is simple, user-centric, and a user-controlled alternative to cumbersome subscriptions, paywalls, and pay-per-article plans that some media outlets are considering. It requires virtually no effort on your part – you just become a Kachingler, giving $5 a month through PayPal, and then click once on the Kachingle medallion on our site. No credit cards, no passwords, no separate accounts for every site you visit. Kachingle will keep track of your monthly visits to each of the sites you’ve selected, and at the end of the month, your monthly pay-in to Kachingle will be distributed proportionally among those sites.

Here’s a presentation too:

So try it out, you can click on the Kachingle banner in the sidebar and follow the instructions. Once you’re registered you just activate our site next time you’re here by clicking on the banner again, from that moment on it will turn green and you will be supporting Fast Meda Magazine.  Or alternatively try it for your own blog too


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