Loilo video editing releases more functionality

Loiloscope is an online video editing tool that is now available as a free trial. The company recently announced a list of new features for the tool. This is part of the press release


With new features like, uploading pictures and videos to Facebook, tweeting uploaded videos on Twitter, and sending private, password protected videos through e-mail, Super LoiLoScope/LoiLoTouch have been reborn in to a communication tool to share your pictures and videos from your PC

Upload pictures and videos on Facebook to share with your friends. You can now upload pictures and videos to Facebook, all at once. You can even share videos from events that you have attended with ease.

  • Features only available from LoiLo: Upload without worrying about the upload limit
  • Automatically creates a new album for your photos when uploading more than 200 photos
  • When uploaded more than 200 photos, the software
  • You can also use the capture tool to cut out pictures from you videos and create a photo album.
  • Video files that are over the limit of 1G or 20 min per file, will automatically be split and then uploaded.

 Place passwords on your videos and send private videos through e-mail.  You can upload videos with a password, and share the link with friends and family. Using the Vimeo service, you can upload high quality videos, and protect them with a password. Fill out the mailing form within the software, and send the videos to your friends a family with a personalized message. The password you have set will be listed in the message, and the recipients will be able to enjoy the private video that you sent them without having to register.

Automatically share videos uploaded to YouTube on Twitter and Facebook. A feature to automatically Tweet the link of your video on Twitter and/or post the link on Facebook after uploading the video to Youtube has been added to the software. 

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses