Pixmac strenthens North American presence

Microstock startuo Pixmac has strengthened its team with the appointment of Simon Raybould as Director of sales and marketing for North America. Previously Raybould worked with the V.C.G Group and later Getty Images in London, and then until recently with Corbis and Veer in Canada. He said:

 “We hear a lot about how the industry has been in turmoil and it seems to be always bad news for photographers – well our perspective is the opposite. It’s the best time in the industry – if you are a buyer that is.  Great imagery is now as “cheap as chips” as they say in England,” Simon notes. “And Pixmac leads the picture pack.”

“Fresh faced, 2 year old start-up Pixmac has built a fabulous user interface from the ground up. Everything is based around helping the world’s designers. For example, we don’t even ask people to register or even have a username, login or passwords if they don’t want to. You can just find an image – and buy it. One less thing to worry about. “

Te company has over 10 million images on its website and this includes both Fotolia and Dreamstime images.


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