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Regular visitors of Fast Media Magazine will know that it’s more than news, views, tips and guides. It’s also a Directory and stockphotodiscounts, the fast way to save on pictures, a site that let’s picture buyers find all the best deals on photography on one site. Users have recently added a number of new discounts to the site. There are more out there so please spend a few minutes helping your fellow image buyers, or your clients to find the best price on the photography they need. Here are some of the latest deals:

Fotosearch UKoffers a number of discounts on collections like Rubberball and OJO images

Superstock offers 25% discount on ilove image and a DVD offer for the same collection

Reflexstock offers an iPad for clients that spend over $3.000,-. They also present the iloveimages DVD offer

Media Bakery offers 25% off images with a special code

Reflexstock offers 25% off its subscriptions with a special code

Masterfile clients get a 20% summer discount

Last but not least check out the 20% off Getty Images content,. This promotion is available until the end of this year!

There are many more deals on stockphotodiscounts so do check out the site. And please contribute your own deal for your clients and prospects out there.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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