Interactive applications providing opportunities for photography?

Appliedworks in the UK has designed a number of new applications for the Times newspaper. They use the iPad to graphically shows statistics and data on a number of subjects. Some of  the applications use images, both sports, historical and entertainment in parts of the presentation. While the majority of these apps do not use a huge number of images there appears to be clear applications for all types of photography to be integrated in these rounded and interactive applications.

The Times: iPad infographics by Applied Works from Applied Works on Vimeo.

Applications like these tap into the  contextual content opportunities, a term that was first introduced on Fast Media Magazine by Thought Equity Motion when I interviewed them last year. This term refers to the ability to dig into visual content from ever more directions and infinitely as long as there are related terms and subjects that have imagery available. The web enables ‘consumers’ of information to see unlimited amount of images, contrary to paper based media where edits need to be tight. With contextual media applications come great opportunities for the licensing of more content but also great responsibilities to come up with reasonable and easy-to-use pricing that facilitates the use of higher quantities of images and other digital media.

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