Facebook improves photo albums

Every month over 2,5 billion (!) images are uploaded to Facebook and at that rate each year 30 billion images will be uploaded to the social networking site. Facebook takes images very seriously and has recently announced a number of improvements. Now the company is making improvements to users’ photo albums. From the Facebook blog here are the most recent changes:

  1. Now, a photo album will automatically display additional photos as you scroll down a single page. You no longer need to click “Next” or try to guess which page number will reveal the best photos.
  2. The thumbnails displayed are also larger, so now you can see more before deciding whether to click to a full-sized image.
  3. We’ve already increased the size of photos.
  4. We’ve also added face detection to make it easier to tag photos on your home page and throughout the site.

Before this latest change, photo albums would display 20 photos per page. Now instead of waiting for pages to load, you’re enjoying more photos of your friends and family. You can see as many as 200 right away in an album.


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