Juxio wants to present images in a new way

Juxio is a new website that presents images in a different way. The site is still in Beta. Juxio allows users to combine text and images into streams that can then be shared via social media. The ‘Juxes’ can be created on the web and/or the iPhone application. The start-up describes itself like this:

Juxio is a new visual way to communicate. Users combine images and text into streams to create Juxes that are shared across social media and in print. Juxes are created on both our web and iPhone applications. With the iPhone app, users create from anywhere and at anytime. iPhone Juxes can be synced to the web app where users combine multiple Juxes into something more.

For now the application feels limited and it’s difficult to see a practical application. Having said that, the site is in Beta so there may be more along the way.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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