German agency Maground previews new, Asian cities series

Hamburg based stock agency Maground has added a number of night-shots to its collection that has been entirely shot on large format. The images serve as an introduction to an upcoming series of Asian cities by night.  This is how Maground describes it:

Besides the former British colony, the photographer Thomas Birke also visited Seoul. South Koreas capital is inhabited by over 10 million people and offered another striking backdrop for his inspiring work. His look at the densely populated areas grants an exceptional view on the metropolises and was driven by the ambition to picture at least one thousand people or their traces within the urban landscapes. In the digital age the time-consuming production on large format is rare and almost something to meet in the galleries. But the little foretaste provided by the experts for landscape, city and road images shows that the involved work is worth the effort. The pictures are not only characterized by a vigorous language that captures both the architectural impact and the intense atmosphere of the megacities. Due to its technically advanced standard the production also captivates with an enormous resolution and an amazing colour range that is up to highest demands. This combination gives the series an artistic quality that makes it to a real gem from the Far East.

More images will soon be exclusively available at Maground, an online image agency that specializes in high-quality landscape, urban and street photography.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses