Share, forward and invite for a happier live

Sharing information, forwarding tools and tips and inviting people to join you in something that you value can be a satisfying thing.

As a regular reader of Fast Media Magazine I hope you find a lot of information that is relevant and valuable to you. If you do, you’re not alone, many thousands of visitors come back every month to read information that can help them make better informed decisions.

If you feel that the information works for you why not share with your colleagues, clients, suppliers and friends with similar interests. It would certainly be much appreciated by us here at Fast Media Magazine and hopefully the contacts in your network will appreciate it just as much. To make sharing the easiest thing here are a number of ways you can share in seconds

  • Click on the share button at the bottom of each article to post a link to Twitter, Facebook or any other site. You can also mail to a friend.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter by just filling in your email adress on the homepage and when you receive it forward it to a friend with the buttons at the bottom.
  • Register on the site and then invite friends from your profile by simply filling in their email adress, you can even do this  from the sidebar on the homepage when you’re registered.

And to top it all off, don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, you can do that in a second from the homepage. Your help in building a growing following is greatly appreciated. It will build a strong network of people that can share knowledge, ask and answer questions or simply make contact.

We hope you will find Sharing, Forwarding and Inviting as rewarding as the information we create for you.


Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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