Getty Images publishes book in support of New Orleans

Leading stockphotography company Getty Images is publishing ‘Coming back’ a book with work by award-winning photographer Mario Tama. The proceeds will benefit new schools in New Orleans struck by Hurrican Katrina 5 years ago. You can buy the book in the Fast Media Shop.


Getty Images, Inc. is proud to announce the publication of Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent (Umbrage Editions, September 2010), a moving body of work by Getty Images photographer Mario Tama with a personal introduction by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Coming Back illustrates the resilience of the human spirit and the ongoing need for rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast. Getty Images will donate 100% of the royalties from the book to benefit New Schools for New Orleans, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating excellent public schools for every child in New Orleans.

Mario Tama is a staff photographer for Getty Images based in New York City. He studied photojournalism at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 1993. Tama joined Getty Images in 2001 and has since covered global events including September 11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq and the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Tama’s award-winning work in Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent underscores the power of imagery in displaying an optimistic portrait of New Orleans rather than one of only destruction.

“Five years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Mario Tama’s unique perspective on New Orleans before, during, and after the storm in Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent is a poignant reminder of the work that needs to be done throughout the Gulf Coast,” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. “We are pleased to support New Schools for New Orleans with the profits of Coming Back, as they build a better future through education.”

Images from Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent have been published in National Geographic (September, 2008), MSNBC, TIME, USA Today, NPR, Newsweek and Geo and have also been recognized with prestigious awards from UNICEF Photo of the Year, Pictures of the Year International and NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism.

“New Orleans children deserve great schools. Five years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has redefined for the nation how a system of schools can meet the needs of every child. But while we have made incredible gains to date, we must not simply rest at better than before,” said Sarah Newell Usdin, founder and chief executive officer of New Schools for New Orleans. “Coming Back highlights the power of hope in a time of crisis, and we are grateful to Getty Images for its continued generous support of our cause.”

In addition to the collection of images published in Coming Back, an exhibition of Mario Tama’s images will also be shown in New York at Umbrage Gallery (July 5 – September 15) to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

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