Multitouch screen now thinner than paper

Multitouch, the technology that drives millions of iPhones and iPads, gets a new dimension with Displax. This new product allows Multitouch to be developed on a thinner than paper film that is also transparent. The film can be applied to a number of surfaces, including curved shapes. The technology is  not new but so far appears to only be used for corporate applications. The company mentions the following benefits:

  • Features Multi-touch detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects 16 fingers simultaneously on a 50-inch screen (to increase as technology development progresses)
  • Air-movement detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects when someone blows onto the surface, measuring the intensity and direction of the air flow.
  • Large and small: As small as 35 cm and as large as three meters in diameter and thinner than paper (100 microns).
  • Transparent: It can be applied to any transparent surface and being totally transparent doesn’t interfere on the display.
  • Light-weight: It weighs 300g, making it easily transportable and easy to install.


The thin displays, once wider adopted should provide some exciting applications for photography and video. It would allow new ways to display the work and interacting with it. Check out the video on this page as well and the YouTube channel.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses