New Sales Manager at Picade Photo Agency

Photo agency Picade, a stock and assignment photo agency owned by its contributing photographers has appointed a new Sales Manager.


Photo agency Picade has contracted with Kathie Woods to serve as the company’s sales manager.  Ms. Woods of Beverly, Massachusetts, previously held the same position at the Creative Eye / Mira agency for the past nine years.

Since opening last October, Picade has grown steadily, adding photographers, images and customers. The company had quietly been conducting a search to fill the sales manager position for several months.

Ms. Woods says she was attracted to Picade for the opportunity to work with “such well-established and respected photographers, some of whom I have worked with in the past and others I have ‘known’ for many years by their well-earned reputations within the industry.  I am specifically impressed by the excellent communication and transparency with which Picade operates as well as the remarkable level of teamwork and dedication of its photographers.” 

Known for her efforts aiding editors, art buyers and researchers, Ms. Woods explains her approach to customer service, “Visitors to a photo agency web site may give up after a few pages of search results and can vary greatly in their choice of search terms, thus overlooking less obvious options.  I, however, embrace the opportunity to provide the research for the customer as often as possible because I am dedicated to searching the entire archive for every possible image opportunity.  This ensures an often surprised and invariably pleased customer.”

Adds Picade’s Chairman and Managing Director, John Blair, “We are thrilled to have Kathie become Picade’s public face.  She is knowledgeable about the industry, experienced in her position, passionate about photography, and most importantly, she comes to us with a sterling reputation for excellent customer service.”



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