A live analytics tool that visualizes how your site is viewed

Here at Fast Media Magazine we’re always on the lookout for new ideas and technology that can help make businesses a bit more effective, successful and fun. Here’s a new one; Seevolution. Most companies will use Google analytics to check out their site stats. It’s free, easy to use and has an enormous amoun of options. But not all, it seems. Seevolution has added a number of new angles to the way stats are presented. This is how they describe it:

SeeVolution is the brand new web analytics tool that’s revolutionizing the way websites can examine their analytics of their website to get a deeper understanding of the source of their web traffic as well as in depth user behavior trends. Now in addition to SeeVolution’s heatmap analytics software, subscribers to SeeVolution can now have access to instant active alerts.

The intention is to allow those that are responsible for website performance to have an immediate insight into the performance. The package also offers active alerts on performance issues. The company promises 60 second activation, which looks about right. After activation though you will have to add a few bits of code to the pages you want to track. Those not familiar with how that works will need some help doing this correctly.

So, not only does SeeVolution help webowners and SEO experts have a more distinct and thorough glimpse of their site’s performance and a total breakdown of the website analytics report, but now SeeVolution goes a step further by alerting their instantly with any major changes to their site, their traffic sources, and their visitors.

Marco | Editor

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