Imagerights focusses on royalty recovery for online copyright infringement

ImageRights International, the company that uses image recognition technology to find unauthorised usages of pictures online is tweaking its businessmodel. It will now provide a service that focusses on the actual recovery of the infringement fee. Fora short introduction on the companies image recognition service check out the video in this post.


ImageRights International, Inc., an online copyright protection services company, announces the immediate availability of the ImageRights Recovery service.  The new service has been created to recoup settlement fees from the owners of websites who have published copyrighted images online without prior authorization or license.  Online copyright infringement is rampant and professional photographers have not had a viable, cost effective means of discovering where their work is being used with recourse to act on that information.  ImageRights Recovery now provides this recourse, both protecting their digital assets and recovering lost income on the infringed use of their images.

ImageRights Recovery is the natural complement to the ImageRights Discovery service that searches more than 80 million new web pages every month for online copyright infringement and notifies photographers and agencies when exact matches or derivative works of their images have been discovered.

“Since signing on with ImageRights earlier this summer, we have been notified of well over 100 uses of my photos online,” says Trey Ratcliff of “Knowing that ImageRights is watching out for our images allows us to focus on shooting photos and growing our business.  I’m excited to see they’re introducing the ImageRights Recovery service to help photographers act on the information and receive due compensation for their work.”

ImageRights is offering three service levels: Premier Recovery ($595/year), Pro Recovery ($249/year), and Basic Recovery (No Annual Fee).  For all three service levels, customers are required to pursue infringements detected by the ImageRights Discovery service through the ImageRights Recovery team.

Premier Recovery, geared towards stock agencies, publishers and professional photographers with large portfolios, returns 65% of recovered settlement fees to the account holder while providing additional service options such as monitoring of up to 50,000 images through the ImageRights Discovery service, prioritized registration filings with the US Copyright Office, and the option to publish the “Protected by ImageRights” logo and watermark on their websites and images.

Pro Recovery, geared towards professional photographers and small agencies, returns 60% of recovered settlement fees to the account holder, monitoring of up to 10,000 images through the ImageRights Discovery service, and the option to publish the “Protected by ImageRights” logo and watermark on their websites and images.

Basic Recovery, a no fee offering geared towards professional photographers and serious hobbyists, returns 50% of recovered settlement fees to the account holder and monitoring of up to 1,000 images through the ImageRights Discovery service.

In addition, ImageRights offers Copyright Registration, a paid premium service in which ImageRights will file Visual Arts registrations with the US Copyright Office on behalf of its customers, relieving them of the time and effort required to manage these filings.

ImageRights International president and CEO Joe Naylor states, “We are excited and proud to offer the new ImageRights Recovery service to photographers and agencies who have had their livelihoods jeopardized by online image theft.  Our complete suite of services – Recovery, Discovery and Copyright Registration – helps protect the intellectual property rights of image owners everywhere. “



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