Alamy asks contributors to donate to YPA through their account

Alamy partners with the Young Photographers Alliance by allowing contributors to use their accounts to the YPA.


Stock photo agency Alamy is appealing to the philanthropic nature of its photographer community by giving contributors the opportunity to donate to the Young Photographers Alliance through their Alamy accounts.

YPA is an educational foundation dedicated to rallying the resources of the creative community and general public in support of young talent.  The organisation runs mentoring programs for photographers both in the UK and the US. They also organise internships and networking opportunities and have recently announced their second round of scholarships.

“The creators of tomorrow’s imagery can face an almost vertical uphill struggle and this is hampered by dwindling opportunities. YPA is a glorious breath of fresh air, giving these photographers the breathing space to forge the path their undoubted talent deserves” said Alan Capel, Head of Content at Alamy.

Alamy contributors have been invited to pledge a donation from their revenue which Alamy will pass onto YPA.  The first donation arrived within minutes of the announcement on their blog.

Alamy, renowned for its photographer-friendly and philanthropic philosophy was the first organisation to pledge support for YPA with an Alamy scholarship in 2009 and it has followed that up with another this year.

Jerry Tavin, YPA founder said: “I believe that Alamy sets a standard in our industry for understanding the value of nurturing these young artists by providing a vital support system early in their careers and we applaud their cooperation”.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses