Getty Images introduces livecomp photoshop plugin

Getty Images has introduced a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It’s called Livecomp and allows designers to import content from the Getty Images website directly into Photoshop.


 WHAT: Getty Images, Inc. today announces the upcoming release of its LiveComp plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that will enable designers and creatives to search and import creative content from Getty Images at directly into Photoshop. 

Rather than having to leave the application, locate and download an image from the Getty Images site and then upload into Photoshop, LiveComp will allow users to import the file for comping purposes as a new layer in Photoshop for streamlined simplified workflow.

Other features of LiveComp include:

  • Ideal for quick-comping needs
  • Search Getty Images’ entire creative collection within Photoshop
  • Imports straight into Photoshop as a new layer for comping purposes
  • New image layer automatically includes an image number allowing users to track assets to secure licenses on
  • Works with both Mac and PC

WHY: Getty Images designed LiveComp following customer research, where nearly half of those surveyed stated that they currently license large volumes of stock imagery and online digital content up to 50 times a year.  The plug-in’s innovative technology and functionality enabled Getty Images to devise a mechanism that simplifies workflow and enhances how customers are currently accessing and utilizing imagery.

WHEN: LiveComp will be available for download on September 20 at

WHO: LiveComp was developed by Getty Images to increase the ease of workflow for designers and creatives and presents the Company’s award-winning imagery in an intuitive and engaging interface.  With a huge selection of high-quality images, Getty Images is extremely popular with professional designers who will appreciate the streamed lined process and the legal protection synonymous with Getty Images.

LiveComp is compatible with Adobe Photo version CS4.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses