Getty Images photographer wins Barclays award

Getty Images’ photographer Mike Hewitt has won the Barclays’ shot of the season award.


Getty Images’ photographer, Mike Hewitt, has been awarded the prestigious Barclays’ Shot of the Season award in the annual Barclays’ Photographic Awards, which honours the best individual photograph taken during the 2009/10 Barclays Premier League season.

The award-winning image depicts the monumental ‘beach ball’ sporting moment when Liverpool goalkeeper, Pepe Reina, crouched to stop a shot by Darren Bent as the ball deflected off a stray beach ball thrown by the crowd, before ending up in the back of the Liverpool net to score.

Commenting on his win, Getty Images’ photographer Mike Hewitt said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to pick up the Barclays Shot of the Season award as it is one of the most highly regarded awards in the world of sports photography. I remember driving up to Sunderland from my home in Brighton hoping there would be some dramatic action that I could capture – the beach ball certainly made the trip worthwhile!”

Taking home £5000 worth of photographic equipment, this is the first time Mike Hewitt has won the award, with Getty Images’ photographer Alex Livesey picking up the Barclays Photographer of the Season award in 2008

Adrian Murrell, Global Vice President, Editorial, Getty Images, said: “Once again, we are proud that our photographers continue to provide powerful and provoking imagery time and time again.  We really rely on the skills, talent and creativity of our team and we’re delighted to see Mike’s outstanding work recognised with the Barclays’ Shot of the Season award.”

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