Bapla Decides Not To Run Picture Buyers Fair 2011

The British Association of Picture Libraries (BAPLA) announced today it won’t be running the Picture Buyers’ Fair in 2011


The executive board of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA) has announced its decision not to run its Picture Buyers’ Fair (PBF) in 2011.

The very tough decision follows a successful PBF in 2010, which included a new venue, new digital gallery and a seminar line-up which was headlined by Google. PBF 2010 also broke even, which, considering the extremely tough economic climate was an incredible feat.

Chairman of BAPLA is Paul Brown “Though feedback from members and picture buyers confirms the need for such an event, other feedback indicates that the PBF may benefit by becoming a biennial event. A combination of economic pressures on members and increased workload on the BAPLA office from industry essential work, makes this an ideal time to look at this option. This does not mean that BAPLA will not be offering opportunities to bring members and picture buyers together in 2011 though. Plans are already underway to look at a series of smaller networking events next year for those BAPLA members who have shown interest in building client relationships on a more personal level.”

Working through the board and its members, BAPLA will be aiming to make announcements concerning new events in 2011 in the very near future.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses